Key Features Of Identity And Access Management Tools

Key Features Of Identity And Access Management Tools


Identifying and managing the right users is essential for ensuring access to IT resources. This is achieved through the use of identity and access management tools. These solutions help organizations to monitor and verify user activities, as well as detect anomalies. They also identify and report on security breaches and privilege abuse. These solutions provide automated workflows for the creation of user on boarding processes.

They can handle a wide range of tasks:

IAM tools can handle many tasks, including privileged password management, data loss prevention, and access rights management. These solutions also provide advanced features such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using an IAM solution ensures that you can always protect privileged accounts and access resources properly. In addition, these tools help you to prevent data exhilaration.

They generate reports after accessing certain systems:

IAM tools work by creating different user accounts based on specific roles. They also generate reports after login and after accessing certain systems. You can also use IAM tools to provide password-less authentication, eliminating the need for complicated passwords. In addition, these tools also allow you to monitor users for malicious intent. You can also set up alerting and logging tools to track user activities and trends. These tools also help you to take action when there are critical events.

They can be used on both cloud and premises environment:

Modern IAM tools include features that make them more scalable and flexible. They can also be used on both cloud and on-premises environments. Some solutions are stand-alone, while others can be integrated into existing systems. The most popular IAM tools are IBM security identity and access assurance (ISAA), SailPoint IdentityIQ, and Ping Identity.

IBM security identity and access assurance is a “silent” IAM solution which operates in the background and is designed to protect sensitive data stores. The IAM solution also works well in both on-premises and cloud environments. In addition to the security features, the solution also provides reporting tools for mandates such as HIPAA and GDPR.

IdentityIQ is also available as a stand-alone installation, which makes it a good option for organizations that need to manage access to cloud-based assets. You can also use IdentityIQ with Ping Identity, the popular authentication and access management solution used by financial institutions. You can request a demo from SailPoint to learn more about how it can help your organization.