4 Benefits Of Concrete Pool Decks

4 Benefits Of Concrete Pool Decks


If you want to build a deck for your swimming pool, you should consider concrete. This material has several benefits, including durability, low maintenance, and slip resistance. Listed below are just a few of these benefits of swimming pool decking. To learn more, read on.


Concrete pool decks offer several advantages for homeowners, including their ability to withstand moisture and flames. They are also great for pool decks with grills and fire pits, as they can withstand weather conditions and require less maintenance. Concrete pool decks are also an excellent choice for homeowners who want to protect their decks from damage and fading.


Maintaining the appearance and durability of concrete pool decks is very important. This is because the surface is constantly exposed to the elements. These elements cause stains, algae, and mold to grow on the surface, affecting your property’s visual appeal. To prevent such issues, you should regularly apply concrete sealant to your pool deck.

Besides applying a sealant, you can also patch cracks. Generally, you can do this by using a concrete patch mix. This is much less expensive than repairing larger cracks and voids. However, if the crack is too large, you need to contact a professional to repair it.

Color options:

There are several color options available for stamped concrete pool decks. The most common method is using a dry-shake color hardener to apply a color to the concrete. It’s a relatively inexpensive and versatile method that can produce subtle color variations or bold design accents. Water-based stains are also available.

Aesthetics are important, but choosing colors that work for your environment is also important. For example, dark colors will absorb more heat and may not be practical in an area with a lot of foot traffic. Likewise, light colors will reflect heat more easily, but they may be more susceptible to spills and stains.


A pool deck can be an expensive project. A basic square or rectangle deck costs about DH 11 to DH 20 per square foot, while a custom design will set you back DH 10 to DH 15 per square foot. Intricate designs and hand coloring will drive up the price, though. For the best value, opt for a simple concrete pool deck.