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Isadore Gallery presents Still Watching: Mixed-Media Artworks by Debra Kayes Halpern and Miles Halpern
Exhibition Dates July 3rd - August 29th, 2015.
Opening Reception July 3rd, 5-9 pm.

Still Watching is an exhibition at Isadore Gallery of new mixed-media artwork from Chicago artists Debra Kayes Halpern and Miles Halpern.  
Debra Kayes Halpern is showing work from her series “Se
e/Sea” and “See Scrolls.”  “See/Sea” is created from found wood using a combination
of techniques including painting, collage, and transferring, while exploring pattern with imagery. For “See Scrolls,” Debra uses material she created
from collage with ink drawing to create 72” tall prints of a sea of eyeballs.

Miles Halpern is showing new work from his series “Golden Years” and “Types.”  In “Golden Years,” Miles composes still-lifes utilizing golden spray-
painted chotchkies as his subjects. Through playful arrangement and light, narrative connections are developed between the chotchkies. Interpretive
associations are also on display through Miles’ portrait works. “Types” for example, portrays figures in a traditional portrait composition, while he
creates fantasies utilizing the character’s personalities in visual symbolic narrative.
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