Our Story
  Isadore Gallery was founded in 2005 as a collaborative family effort. The
Halpern/Lichstein family has always been passionate about fine art whether it
be collecting, creating, or supporting the arts. The gallery is named in honor of
our uncle, Isadore Lichstein, who was a modest but intelligent collector of art.
Even though he had no children to pass on his name, his legacy lives on in the
curiosity and love of the arts he instilled in his friends and relations, and in his
fascinating collection of artifacts, prints and drawings from around the globe.

Located on Prince Street, along Gallery Row in beautiful Downtown Lancaster,
Isadore Gallery is ideally situated for browsing or buying contemporary art. While
art adds color, flavor and joy to life, it must also ask questions, just as it can
surprise the viewer and trigger us to ask our own. Isadore Gallery's mission is
to continue sharing the arts, promoting distinct and unique visions by exhibiting
provocative and innovative contemporary artists of all mediums. We hope your
visit to Isadore Gallery will inspire your curiosity and fuel your imagination, just
as Uncle Izzy's collection excited our fantasies long ago.

Gallery Owners: Dr. Barton & Leslie Halpern
Gallery Managers: Charles Swisher and Mariko Swisher

Gallery Hours
Thursday 10-6
Friday 12-6
Saturday 10-5
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